Grace Fellowship Church

Making Disciples Who Make a Difference


Sunday Morning Worship Service

10:30 a.m.  3 Meadowbrook Dr.  Sydney Mines, NS

Job Description


Title: Youth Outreach Pastor
Purpose: To provide leadership to the children’s and youth ministry of Grace Fellowship with an
emphasis on outreach to youth in the community through the development of a community youth center
Accountability: To the Senior Pastor, Council and Session
1. Demonstrated consistent walk with Christ
2. Openness to Reformed Theology
3. Demonstrated ability to work with youth
4. Passion for youth to know Christ and grow in Him
5. Heart for worship
6. Gifted to teach the Scriptures to young people
7. Ability to relate to parents and older members of the congregation and community
8. Formal training in the Scriptures and ministry, preferably a master of divinity or the desire to
9. Heart for outreach and evangelism
10. A self-starter with the demonstrated ability to coalesce a team for community outreach
1. To develop a community youth center for children and teens
2. To provide oversight to existing children and youth ministries of the church
3. To focus on outreach and discipleship to youth
4. To meet regularly with the Council and on an “as needed” basis with the Session
5. To integrate youth into the life of the Church and the church into the community
6. To oversee the maintenance and further development of the church’s presence on social
work toward a degree
1. To be paid an annual salary approved by the congregation
2. To be paid a contributory pension and benefit plan as approved by the congregation
3. For Canada Pension and Employment Insurance to be paid by Grace Fellowship Church
4. To receive 3 weeks of vacation per year
5. To receive 1 week study leave per year
6. To receive up to 3 months paid sick leave for a major illness
7. To be able to extend ministry time at camps and missions trips so as not to count against
annual vacation. This will be approved by the Council/Session on an individual basis.



Cape Breton is a ruggedly beautiful island forming the northern portion of the province of Nova Scotia in Eastern Canada with a population of 120,000. Coal mining, a major steel mill and fishing catalyzed an industrial economy for over 100 years, drawing workers from around the world. By the late 1990’s the coal and steel industries collapsed and fishing output had declined as a result of over-fishing which resulted in economic hardships. Ongoing unemployment issues have fueled hopelessness, a substantial drug dependency problem and an alarming incidence of suicide.

The combination of an aging population and a generalized exodus from churches is resulting in a current generation of young people who increasingly are growing up with very little understanding of the Bible or the person of Jesus Christ. 


Grace Fellowship Church is strategically located in the Sydney Mines area (population 13,000), a former coal-mining area. Sydney Mines exemplifies both the need and opportunity for deliberate youth outreach and discipleship of Christian youth. This is a mission field with tangible needs, especially the hope embodied in the gospel. The Youth/Outreach Pastor will play
a formative role in the formation of an outreach ministry as well as support of ongoing discipleship of Grace youth.


Grace Fellowship Church has approximately 20 youth growing in faith. Many of our youth are experiencing the work and call of the Holy Spirit in their lives and are moving in passion and zeal to see Jesus change Cape Breton. There is excitement about what God is doing within the youth of Grace. We long to see the gospel create this same excitement in the wider community.